Buy Property in Dubai on Installments

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A step-by-step guide on purchasing a house in Dubai. "Buy Property in Dubai on Installments."

Buy Property in Dubai on Installments! Wondering how you can achieve that goal without going over budget? Look no further! Purchasing real estate in Dubai on a payment plan is the ideal option for you.

This adjustable payment plan provides an affordable and accessible route to home ownership. Exchange desk’s guide will assist you with all the information you need to know.

Where to Buy Property in Dubai on Installments?

For purchasers seeking installment plans, the real estate market in Dubai offers many places of possibilities. The most well-liked innovations that offer this payment option are as follows:

Emaar Beachfront:

Luxurious beachfront apartments at Dubai Marina. Buy property in Dubai on installments.
A variety of installment plans to make their properties more accessible to buyers. These plans can vary depending on the specific project and its launch date, but generally include the following:

Common Installment Structures:

  • During Construction: A common structure involves a down payment followed by scheduled payments throughout the construction phase. This could be a 10/80/10 plan (10% down payment, 80% during construction, 10% on completion) or a similar arrangement.
  • Post-Handover: Post-handover payment plans are available for some projects; under these plans, a portion of the payment is due after the property is finished and given to the buyer. This could be a two- or three-year plan, giving you more payment options..

Specific Projects:

Individual projects within Emaar Beachfront may have their own unique installment plans. For instance:

  • Beach Vista: This property offers 80/20 post-handover payment options for apartments larger than two bedrooms, with the remaining 20 percent to be paid over the course of 24 months after handover.
  • Seapoint: This project may also have interesting possibilities for payment plans available; however, information would need to be confirmed with the developer or real estate agent.

How to Find Information:

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about installment plans for Emaar Beachfront properties, you can:
  • Check the Emaar Website: Visit the Emaar official website and search for the project you are interested in. They usually have payment plan details listed.
  • Contact Emaar Directly: Reach out to Emaar’s sales team for personalized information about available installment plans.
  • Contact with a Real Estate Agent: A trustworthy real estate agent with a specialty on Dubai real estate can give you full information and guide you through the available payment plans.
  • Online Property Portals: Websites like or specific real estate agency sites (like Tanami Properties) may also have information on Emaar Beachfront payment plans.

DAMAC Hills :

Exterior of building with 'd2 camella' - Buy Property in Dubai on Installments
Properties on installments in Dubai through a variety of flexible payment plans. These recommendations are meant to increase the affordability and accessibility of home ownership for a larger spectrum of potential homeowners. This is how they normally operate.
  • Down Payment: Generally, buyers put down 5% to 25% of the property worth as an initial payment, depending on the specific structure and development.

Installments During Construction:

Installments are made for the remaining funds while the property is still under construction. These installments could be paid every month, every quarter, or even every year.
  • Completion Payment: The remaining debt is settled with a final payment once the property is finished. If required this payment might be covered by a mortgage.
  • Flexibility: Customers can choose from a variety of installment schedules and payment plans offered by DAMAC Hills, depending on which one best suits their financial situation.
  • Additional Benefits:  Plans may offer reductions for early payments, exemptions of service fees, or even furniture packages as incentives.

How to find out more:

To find out more about specific installment plans for DAMAC Hills properties, you can:
  • Visit the DAMAC Properties website: They usually list available projects and payment plans on their website.
  • Contact DAMAC Properties directly: Their sales staff is available to address any queries you may have and to offer complete details.
  • Consult a real estate agent: You can identify appropriate properties and handle the buying processes with the assistance of a local realtor.

Dubai Creek Harbour:

Dubai Creek Harbor, the world's largest marina, offers stunning views and luxurious living. Buy property in Dubai on installments.
properties on installment through various payment plans that cater to different buyer preferences and budgets. These plans typically involve:
  • Down Payment: Booking requires payment of a portion of the total property cost up front.
  • Installments During Construction: During the project’s construction period, regular payments are made.
  • Post-Handover Payments: Once the property is finished and given to the buyer, the remaining sum is paid in installments. Because these post-handover installments are frequently dispersed over a number of years, purchasers can afford it better.
Specific projects within Dubai Creek Harbour might have unique payment plans. Some popular projects with installment options include:
  • Creek Harbour Views: This project offers attractive post-handover payment plans, with 50% of the balance due after handover in installments over 24 months.
  • Creek Edge:  This development has a flexible payment plan with installments spread out during construction and post-handover.
  • The Grand at Dubai Creek Harbour: A post-handover payment plan is also available for this project, with 50% of the total amount due in installments over a 24-month period following handover.
It’s advised in order to obtain the most precise and current information about particular payment options.
  • Visit the official Emaar website: Dubai Creek Harbour’s principal developer, Emaar, frequently provides comprehensive information on payment schedules for various projects on their website.
  • Contact Emaar directly: To obtain specific assistance and inquire about particular payment options, get in contact with their sales staff.
  • Consult with real estate agents: Real estate brokers with expertise in Dubai Creek Harbour can guide you through the various payment methods and offer insightful information.
You may make your goal of owning real estate in Dubai a reality by using these resources to find the perfect home in Dubai Creek Harbour with a payment schedule that works for you.
To locate the ideal house that satisfies your needs and tastes, make sure you investigate and evaluate a lot of initiatives.

Why to Buy Property in Dubai on Installments?

The advantages you will get if you Buy Property in Dubai on Installments:

  • Affordability: There are several benefits to buying real estate in Dubai in installments.
  • Flexibility: Customizable payment plans are available from many developers, so you can adjust the conditions to fit your budget.
  • Investment Potential:  You can adjust the terms to suit your financial circumstances with the help of several developers’ customisable payment plans.
  • Protect Your Future: Long-term financial stability could be advantageous for you and your family if you own real estate in Dubai.
  • Discover the Dubai Lifestyle: Get to know the city’s dynamic culture, opulent amenities, and top-notch attractions.

Pay Installments to Purchase Your Ideal Dubai Home

A Detailed Guide:

  • Investigate: Look into various neighborhoods and property kinds to locate the ideal fit.
  •  Budget: Establish your monthly spending limit and the amount you can afford to pay each month.

  • Prior Approval: To find out how much you can borrow, get a mortgage pre approval.
  • Select a Developer: Choose a developer who has a reputation for producing high-quality work and that you can trust.
  • Review the Payment Schedule: Make sure the installment terms match your financial objectives by carefully reviewing them.
  • Legal Due Diligence: To evaluate the contract and comprehend your rights as a buyer, speak with an attorney.

Make a Down Payment: You must secure your property by making the down payment.


An intelligent and sensible option if you’re looking to purchase a home in this dynamic city is to purchase real estate in Dubai on an installment basis. With such a wide range of residences and numerous payment choices, you may choose the perfect property to fit your lifestyle and budget.
Don’t wait any longer to do it! Get started on the process right now to buy a home in Dubai.

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