Can Indian Citizens Buy Property in Dubai? Your Complete 2024 Guide

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A man with a house model and a woman with a pen. Title: Can Indian Citizens Buy Property in Dubai?
Dubai’s luxury lifestyle, economic growth, and secure environment attract thousands of people. This raises the question, ‘Can Indian citizens buy property in Dubai?The answer is definitely yes if you’re wondering if you can purchase a piece of the opulent Dubai skyline. Due to its excellent facilities, Tax-free atmosphere, And robust economy, Dubai has drawn a lot of real estate investors, Including those from India. But why is this interest being piqued? Which is more attractive, The assurance of a steady investment, The possibility of a lavish lifestyle, Or the assurance of substantial returns? Let’s examine the specifics and discover why more Indian nationals are thinking of Dubai as their next real estate destination.
This thorough guide provides answers to all of your inquiries regarding Indian nationals buying real estate in Dubai, including:
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Top freehold areas for Indians
  • Costs and financial considerations
  • Step-by-step buying process
  • Potential benefits and risks

Eligibility: Can Indians Buy Property in Dubai?

Actually, Indian nationals are able to purchase real estate in Dubai. Indians are the main nationality investing in Dubai’s real estate sector, And the UAE government supports foreign investment. Indian nationals do not need to be UAE residents in order to purchase and own real estate outright in some freehold areas.

Freehold Areas for Indians in Dubai:

In Dubai, freehold areas allow foreigners, including Indian citizens, to own property with complete ownership rights. Popular freehold locations for Indian buyers.

Downtown Dubai:

The urban landscape of Dubai, United Arab Emirates Can Indian Citizens Buy Property in Dubai?
Freehold property in Downtown Dubai is a Desirable investment opportunity for international investors. These properties include opulent living areas with breathtaking views of the city, Easy access to The Dubai Mall’s superb eating and shopping, And near proximity to important cultural venues like the Dubai Opera.

Dubai Marina:

Boats docked in a harbour near tall buildings in Dubai Marina Can Indian citizens buy property in Dubai?
A variety of properties in Dubai Marina are yours to possess for a specific amount of time. For instance, Lavish residences and flats offer stunning views of the waterfront and marina. It’s an ideal choice if you want to invest in luxury real estate in Dubai and live a busy life with plenty of dining options, Shopping at Marina Mall and The Walk, And convenient access to the beach.

Palm Jumeirah:

Boats docked in a harbour near tall buildings in Dubai Marina, a freehold property. Can Indian citizens buy property in Dubai?
With its renowned artificial island, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, is home to luxurious mansions and apartments with exclusive beach access and stunning gulf views. Freehold ownership is an option for some assets. It’s a fantastic option for people looking for a busy lifestyle near the waterfront and first-rate amenities.

Jumeirah Village Circle:

Dubai, a city in the Middle East, with modern skyscrapers and a bustling cityscape. Can Indian citizens buy property in Dubai?
(JVC) is a popular residential area in Dubai that is well-known for its affordable real estate options and family-friendly culture. It provides a range of contemporary villas, Townhomes, And apartments with parks and recreational areas all around. JVC caters to both residents and investors looking for a balanced lifestyle in Dubai because of its convenient location, Which makes it easy to reach schools, Freeways, and shopping.

Arabian Ranches:

A residential street with a parked car in front. Can Indian citizens buy property in Dubai?
Arabian Ranches is a famous place to live in Dubai known for its luxurious houses and townhouses surrounded by lots of greenery.Families and those seeking a tranquil lifestyle would find it ideal since it offers parks, Playgrounds, Golf courses, And equestrian facilities. It’s all about living in a beautiful suburb in Dubai!

Cost of buying property in Dubai (For Indians)

The location, kind, and amenities of a home all have an important effect on its price in Dubai. An overview of the price ranges is provided here:
  • Registration fees: 4% of the property value
  • Agent commission: Typically 2%
  • Mortgage fees (If applicable)

Step-by-Step Guide: For Buying property in Dubai as an Indian

  • Research: Determine your budget, Desired location, And property type.
  • Connect a Real Estate Agent: An experienced agent can guide you through the process.
  • Choose a Property: Visit properties and negotiate the price.
  • Sign the Reminder of Understanding: This outlines the terms of the sale.
  • Pay the Deposit: Usually 10% of the purchase price.
  • Obtain the No Objection Certificate: This confirms the developer’s approval.
  • Complete the Transaction: Finalize the sale at the Dubai Land Department.

Benefits of buying property in Dubai for Indians:

  • Offers: Review and negotiate offers from potential buyers.
  • MOU: Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the agreed-upon price and terms.
  • Deposit: Buyer typically pays a deposit (usually 10%) at this stage.

Legal Formalities:

  • High return on investment: In Dubai, property prices have consistently gone up by a lot over time.
  • Tax benefits: Low capital gains tax and no property taxes.
  • Luxury lifestyle: Savor top-notch shopping, entertainment, and amenities.
  • Rental income: Rent out your home to generate passive money.
  • Golden  visa eligibility: Acquiring real estate could facilitate the process of obtaining a long-term resident visa.


  • High initial investment: Property prices can be steep.
  • Market fluctuations: Property values can be volatile.
  • Due diligence: Thoroughly research developers and properties.


For Indian investors seeking to spend money on actual property and stay a costly existence with sizable income, Dubai is an attractive alternative. In this busy metropolis, you may discover your best residence in case you put together and do all your research.

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