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What Is an Exchange Desk, and what services are they offering?
The Exchange Desk is the best crypto exchange in Dubai that offers Over-The-Counter (OTC) services, including liquidity, banking, and payment-related services such as property buying, bank account liquidation, fund transfers, and purchasing goods using cryptocurrencies.
Where Is the Exchange Desk In Dubai?
You'll find the Exchange Desk in the heart of Dubai at Level 14, Boulevard Plaza T1, Downtown Burj Khalifa District. It's not just our central location that stands out; it's the welcoming environment we've crafted for all our clients. 

We're always on hand to guide you through your crypto transactions. So, whether you're new to the world of Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance USD (BUSD) or any other cryptocurrency or an old hand, we're committed to ensuring your trading experience is smooth, secure, and straightforward. Swing by anytime; we're eager to assist you on your crypto journey.
What services does the Exchange Desk offer in Dubai?
We position ourselves as a one-stop shop for payment services, meeting all your payment-related needs under one roof.

We understand the unique requirements of our clients, which is why we offer a broad range of services tailored to meet those needs.

  • Liquidity & Banking Services: We offer various services catering to liquidity and traditional banking needs.
  • Facilitating Payments: Seamless transactions for large-scale enterprises or individual needs.
  • Property Purchases: Expertise in assisting clients with property acquisition.
  • Bank Account Liquidation: Efficient and trustworthy procedures to liquidate bank accounts.
  • Sending & Receiving Funds: Quick and secure solutions for fund transfers.
  • Goods & Services Acquisition: Whether you're looking to buy or sell goods, assets, or products through crypto, Exchange Desk is here to help you.
Does Exchange Desk offer both exchange and banking services?
Yes, Exchange Desk offers various services, including exchange, liquidity, and banking, to cater to all your financial needs.
Can I use Exchange Desk to buy a property?
Absolutely! We offer services that assist with buying properties. Whether you want to invest or buy a home, we have solutions to streamline the payment process.
Can I send and receive funds through the Exchange Desk?

Our platform facilitates sending and receiving funds, making transactions hassle-free for our users.

Does the Exchange Desk facilitate the purchase of goods and services?

Certainly! We provide services that help our clients purchase various goods, assets, and products seamlessly.

What are the office hours?
The Exchange Desk is open and ready to serve you from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We remain 
closed on Sundays. We've set these hours for your convenience, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your crypto trading activities into your busy week. Whenever you need to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Dubai within these times, our dedicated team is here to assist with all your requirements.
Why do you need to choose an exchange desk?
Our physical presence in Dubai, combined with our expertise in both traditional and crypto-based services, allows us to offer a unique blend of personalized and diverse solutions. Exchange Desk stands out in the Dubai financial ecosystem as a one-stop shop for all payment-related needs.

Our Over-The-Counter (OTC) services facilitate direct crypto trading, emphasizing the importance of your funds' safety and security. As a bridge between the traditional and digital financial worlds, we ensure seamless transactions, best-in-market rates, and an uncompromised commitment to your investment's value.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer service. Every question you have, every challenge you face, we're here to help. At Exchange Desk, you're not just engaging with a platform but partnering with a trustworthy ally on your crypto odyssey.
How can I buy crypto with cash in Dubai?

You can come to our office and provide us with your crypto wallet address. Pay us with cash, and we will instantly deposit cryptocurrency into your account.

How can I buy bitcoins instantly in Dubai?

You can come to our office, and we can make this possible; there is no need to create an account. We eliminate the long process and make it easy for the client.

Can I use cryptocurrency to buy property in Dubai?

Yes, you can buy properties in Dubai with cryptocurrency! We offer consultation services with the top experts in Dubai and assist you with the necessary paperwork and legal documentation. We can help you with everything from property registration to management when you buy it with cryptocurrency.

Do you have to pay tax on crypto in Dubai?

No, there is no tax on cryptocurrency gains or crypto exchange in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Which cryptocurrencies can we use in Dubai?
You can use all cryptocurrencies, but the primary ones are Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance USD (BUSD). No matter which cryptocurrency you choose, we are here to assist! You can buy or sell any cryptocurrency with our help.
Does the exchange desk support both ERC20 and TRC20?
Exchange Desk supports both ERC20 and TRC20, catering to the varied needs of our clients. You can transact with USDT on Ethereum and Tron networks, depending on your preferences. We understand that the crypto world is diverse, so we strive to be flexible to accommodate different client requirements. Regardless of your chosen network, we ensure secure and swift transactions for your USDT trades.
What are the payment methods you provide?
We can buy and sell cryptocurrencies locally in the UAE through cash and bank transfers.
How long does a transaction take to complete?
We are known for our speed in completing transactions. Everything is done instantly and takes no more than 5 minutes.
How does the exchange desk handle bank account liquidation?

We have a dedicated system for liquidating bank accounts, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients. For more info, contact us.

Do you accept crypto from all wallets?
We accept funds from any wallet, whether a decentralized wallet like Metamask / Trust Wallet or an Exchange wallet like Binance, ByBit, Gate.io, etc.

We receive the crypto in our Binance wallet. If your wallet can send crypto to Binance, you can use it.
Could tourists use your services as well?
Yes, we can exchange cryptocurrency for tourists and UAE residents.
What are the basic requirements to sell USDT on an exchange desk?
To sell USDT in Dubai at Exchange Desk, you'll need a few things:

  1. Provide a valid identification to verify your identity and ensure secure transactions. Tourists can present their passports, while Residents should provide their Emirates ID.
  2. You need to have USDT in a digital wallet that you control.
  3. You'll need to provide us with your banking details to receive the payments via bank transfer.

With these basic requirements met, you're all set to sell USDT at Exchange Desk.
What are the minimum and maximum transaction limits at the Exchange Desk?

The minimum transaction amount at the Exchange Desk is set at 10 USD to accommodate all clients. The maximum limit varies and is decided individually by our operations officer after evaluating each customer's details. This method ensures every transaction's safety and compliance, allowing us to efficiently cater to diverse client requirements.

Can I receive payments in other fiat currencies, like the US Dollar and Euro?
Yes, at Exchange Desk, we cater to a global clientele and understand the diverse needs of our customers. 

We primarily deal in Euro, USD, and CHF, and we also provide the option for cash payments in other currencies, such as the AED and QAR, when you want to buy or sell Bitcoin in Dubai.

We strive to make your cryptocurrency trading experience as convenient and efficient as possible. 

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Experience a new level of simplicity and security in crypto trading with CRYPTO EXCHANGE. Our intuitive platform, diverse cryptocurrency selection, and dedicated customer support make trading a breeze.

Trade smart. Trade with CRYPTO EXCHANGE.

Experience a new level of simplicity and security in crypto trading with CRYPTO EXCHANGE. Our intuitive platform, diverse cryptocurrency selection, and dedicated customer support make trading a breeze.

Trade smart. Trade with CRYPTO EXCHANGE.

Experience a new level of simplicity and security in crypto trading with CRYPTO EXCHANGE. Our intuitive platform, diverse cryptocurrency selection, and dedicated customer support make trading a breeze.

Trade smart. Trade with CRYPTO EXCHANGE.